Many of the shelters across our nation are kill-shelters and for that reason alone, TEARS has chosen to work very closely with our county facility and the dogs and cats that come into there.

TEARS Inc. is a volunteer-driven, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, founded to support abused, abandoned and relinquished animals within Seminole County Animal Services (SCAS).  Our mission is to work in unison with SCAS to improve both shelter living conditions and quality of life for these homeless animals. Unlike private shelters, SCAS must take in every animal brought to them and provide it with food and basic medicine, regardless of whether or not they have the space or adequate staffing to care for them.  If a dog or cat comes into the shelter needing medical attention, either it’s put up for adoption in hopes that someone adopts it and gets it the medical help it needs, or it’s euthanized.  The shelter is also not permitted to raise additional funds in order to support its efforts which means the support TEARS offers is critical to the animals that come in needing medical care.


Tyke came into SCAS with severe wounds down to the bone in areas and our vets believe he was dragged by a vehicle.  After multiple surgeries and bandages changes, Tyke is now bandage free and in a loving new home. Zola was brought in with her front leg halfway chewed off and extremely anemic from the loss of blood and lack of medical attention.  She was immediately rushed to our vet, received a blood transfusion and strong antibiotics and once stable, an amputation of the rest of her front leg.  She is now in a home getting the love and attention she deserves.  Seminole was hit by a car and came in with a severly damaged eye and broken femur.  Magnum was found wandering the streets with deep wounds to his back end that had been there long enough for maggots to settle in.  Rena was hit by a car also and needed a femoral head ostectomy surgery.  


Every animal TEARS “touches” is saved and guaranteed a new beginning.  You can read the stories of many of the dogs and cats we have helped by visiting our “TEARS of JOY” page.  Thank you!