TEARS of Joy Make Us the Happiest. Meet the animals that TEARS has helped on the paths to their forever homes.


bs1Herman came into Seminole County Animal Services with a blown out hip. He needed an FHO surgery to make him adoptable and so, of course, TEARS was called for help. Herman received his second chance at life and won over his new mom at our Baby Shower Adoption Event in June 2015. Congratulations to Herman!


tankTank came to Seminole County Animal Services as an owner surrender who could no longer care him. His owner had neglected to get him neutered and so he had developed a rectum tumor most likely from hormones. Once we took care of his benign growth and had him neutered, he was made available for adoption. It wasn’t long at all before this super handsome American Bulldog was adopted into a wonderful home in July 2015.

Magnum(now Max)

magnum3Magnum (now Max) was found walking along the sidewalk by one of our own volunteers. With the shocking condition he was in, he was immediately taken to our vet for care. He had a crater size hole in his hind area, two additional areas on his leg that needed stitches, grossly infected ears and his nails had grown into the pads of his paws. Magnum was scrubbed down and shaved, stitched up, ears flushed and treated, fleas exterminated, tested for FIV and leukemia (negative), nails clipped and put on antibiotics (we think that’s the whole list…). Max had so many wonderful homes come forward who offered to adopt! He was placed in a Persian savvy home with 3 other Persian brothers and sisters in July 2015. He is doing wonderful and has become quite the communicator. Thank you and congrats to the McGovern family!



EssexEssex is a happy little 5 year old Maltese mix who came into the shelter as a stray. He was given a much needed hair cut and TEARS covered the expense of removing 5 benign growths to help make Essex more adoptable. Thanks to Hollywood Houndz of Lake Mary who pulled Essex along with 9 other dogs for the 4th of July holiday to help make room during a busy weekend for the shelter. Their kindness and hard work paid off as Essex was adopted that weekend (July 4th, 2015) into a wonderful new home!



Rena7We helped this little girl, Rena, in January 2015 after she was found with an injury from being hit by a car. Dr. Wight and Dr. Mole with Seminole Animal Hospital performed surgery on her to stabilize the fracture in her femur. After months of waiting for her second chance at life, Rena was adopted by a nice family with a 13-year old girl all set to make Rena the queen of her castle! Congratulations to the Gothelf family who adopted Rena July 2015!


Dana1Dana, a 5 month old puppy, came into the shelter with a hairline fracture of her tibia in her back leg. It is believed she was hit by a car. After almost 6 weeks with a cast on her leg she was ready for adoption. She was adopted in July 2015 to a wonderful family that will give her all the attention and love she deserves. Congratulations to Dana and her second chance at life!


Evet1Evet is a 10-year kitty who came into SCAS with an abscessed tooth and in need of a dental. TEARS took her to our vet for the care she needed. She was put up for adoption in March and waited for someone to take a n interest in a “sweet, quiet and older gal”. She was finally given that second chance in June 2015 by a gentleman who not only took her, but also 2 other older gals (10 and 12 years old) who needed a home to live out the rest of their lives. Congratulations and thank you for helping out these older pets who land in the shelters!


Samuel 001Samuel is a 6 year old Lhasa Apso who came into the shelter as a stray. It was obvious he needed some extra care but we weren’t sure what help he needed exactly. Upon viewing the xrays, it was determined that Samuel was born with a birth defect and only needed a good teeth cleaning. He may be a little different looking, but that’s what makes him so special! We received a call in May 2015 from a lady looking specifically for an older and smaller dog to be her companion. We couldn’t have made a more perfect match! She LOVES Samuel and has renamed him Boo. Congrats to the Litt family!!!


sid and martyMarty is, a chocolate point Siamese, developed an URI which quickly settled in and affected his eye. After a couple of months on antibiotics, his cold had cleared but his one eye had not improved. Fearing he was losing his eye, as deep ulcer had developed, we took him to our vet to have them create a blood serum treatment to help heal the ulcer. With his eye all clear, he was available for adoption and didn’t last long once he was given the all clear. He was adopted in May 2015 and is now in a wonderful new home!


maxMax was surrendered to the shelter by his owners because they could no longer care for him. He had what appeared to be a hernia on his side and was in need of a dental. We got him over to our vet for x-rays and it was soon discovered that Max had a birth defect that could not be operated on. He wasn’t in any pain and he had lived his first 5 years just fine so we cleaned his teeth and deemed him adoptable. Max was transferred to a wonderful rescue in May 2015 and he’s definitely on his way to a wonderful new start and second chance.


Buster is a 6 year old Doberman who came into SCAS in April 2014 and needed our help. He had two fatty growths needing to be removed along with a swollen and infected eye. Thanks to a grant from Franklin’s Friends, Buster is on his way to a new start. We removed his fatty tumors and with the great care from the staff at SCAS, his eye healed nicely. Max was transferred to a wonderful rescue in May 2015 and he’s definitely on his way to a wonderful new start and second chance.

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BuddyBuddy is a 3 year old Doxie who found himself at the shelter due to the financial struggles his family was having. He had an abscessed tooth that needed care and was in need of a dental. Because of a grant received from Franklin’s Friends, we were able to get Buddy the care he needed. Once all cleaned up he went back to the shelter for adoption. As adorable as Buddy is, it’s no surprise he found a new home within days. He was adopted March 2015! Congratulations!



Pouncey2After being bounced around too much in his short life, Pouncey has finally settled-in in his forever home in February 2015! His beautiful green eyes and beautiful markings were first noticed by his new mom on Petfinder. His new mom wanted an adult that was past the kitten stage but was still playful and who would sleep in her bed and be a constant companion. With his looks and personality that matched…we knew Pouncey would be perfect for her! Congrats to Dottie and Pouncey…and thank you for finally giving this big boy the home he has waited so long for!


CocojoyCoco came into the shelter with a lacerated patella that needed surgery. She made a visit with our vet at Seminole Animal Hospital and it was determined they could do the surgery. She is already in a wonderful new home resting comfortably after her surgery and getting the care and love she deserves. Thank you Tiffany and family for opening up your home and hearts to this super sweet girl! Coco was adopted January 2015.



Legacy, a 6 year old Chocolate Point Persian, developed an URI while at the shelter. In her case, her cold went into her eyes which caused a deep eye ulcer that resulted in her losing an eye. It wasn’t long after her surgery that she was seen by a wonderful family who fell in love with her and decided to take her home that day. Congratulations to Chris and his family who adopted Legacy in January 2015!


Emmy Lou

Emmy Lou2Emmy Lou, a sweet, laid back, older Bloodhound gal who came into the shelter with years of neglect on her, needed our help. We took her to our vet and had her masses removed and put her on a better diet to help her skin and coat. She went into a foster home to heal before she began undergoing heartworm treatment. With soulful eyes and a personality to match, her foster family quickly fell in love with her and decided their home is where she would stay. Congratulations to the Browns and Emmy Lou!


pikachu homeThis little 5 year old girl, named Pikachu, came into the shelter as a stray and it was quickly realized by staff that she needed some extra care before she could go up for adoption. She had an old pin from a previous surgery that had move around in her hip joint causing some damage to her femur bone. We got her over to our vet who wasted no time in helping us put this cutie on the mend. We removed the old pin and performed a femoral head ostectomy (fho). Pikachu was adopted November 2014 at Great Day in The Country in Oviedo! Congrats!


Dory2 Our Dory went to a wonderful new home July 2014! She had been brought into SCAS after being found tied up on a fence with only days left to live. Her leg was dead and grossly infected and needed an immediate amputation to prevent the infection from traveling further. Such a sweet and adorable girl, it wasn’t long before she was scooped up and given a second chance in life! Thank you to all of those that helped support Dory’s surgery through donations and also to her new mom! Congratulations!


RemyRemy came into the shelter back in January 2014 needing help with a broken leg.  The shelter vet felt that a leg amputation may be in order but TEARS wanted to give her a second opinion to see if we could save the leg.  After months of healing and care in a “foster-to-adopt” home, Remy is well on her way to a wonderful new life with a great family….and has been able to keep her leg!  Congratulations to Remy and her new mom Jackie who formally adopted Remy in June July 2014!


Amelia's New Family 6-30-14 001We started helping Amelia back in February 2014 with a broken leg that she came into the shelter with. She made a great recovery but being at the shelter and having to wait for a new home in a small kennel didn’t help her situation.  When we posted Amelia on facebook in hopes of finding a foster home that would work with Hip Dog Canine Hydrotherapy, we never dreamed a forever home was right around the corner for her.  Miss Amelia hit the jackpot in June 2014 with her new family and is well on her way to a wonderful and forever new life!  Lots of tears were had by the shelter staff as Amelia left them for her new mom and dad!  Congratulations to all!


LarkLark was a senior boy whose owners could no longer care for him and turned him into the shelter.  He needed a makeover to remove a few fatty masses before he could be put up for adoption.  TEARS put him in the hands of our vets to do their magic.  Once healed, he was seen by a gentleman in June 2014 who adopted not just him, but a senior kitty as well that day.  Senior pets make such wonderful companions for someone who wants a trained, laid back friend to share their days with.  Congratulations, and thank you, to Lark and his new dad!


Prinz1Prinz was left in a carrier on the shelter steps and found in the early morning.  At some point in his short life, he had developed an infection in his foot.  Because he was not given proper care, his foot became so badly infected, Prinz chewed his foot off trying to help with the pain.  With his bones of his leg exposed, SCAS called on TEARS to help.  Our vets did a wonderful job with a leg amputation and Prinz went on to a wonderful new home in May 2014.


tido3Tido is a tiny Chihuahua who needed an eye removal and dental before he could be placed up for adoption.  TEARS got him the care he needed through our vets and with your support!  This one-eyed little monkey captured the heart of his new home the first day he was available to go home in May 2014.  Congratulations to Tido and his new family!  He’s well on his way to a spoiled, pampered life!


veronica2Veronica came into the shelter with a break in her femoral head of one of her rear legs.  After months of xrays, casts and time to heal, Veronica was scooped up in May 2014 and given the type of home any dog would love.  She now lives in Mississippi and has lots of land to run and spends time playing in streams and rivers.  Congratulations to Veronica and her new mom Amanda!


godfrey4Godfrey showed up in December to the shelter as a stray.  He had a blow out knee which was possibly due from wandering the streets as a stray.  We were called on to help to get Godfrey the care he needed.  After months of foster care and looking for a new home, a family spotted Godfrey’s flier at the Altamonte Petco.  Their dog had gotten loose back in November but they had not given up hope that they would find him.  Turns out our Godfrey was actually Samson who had a family who desperately wanted to bring him back home.  Godfrey (aka Samson) was reunited with his family in April 2014 after 5 months of searching.  Congratulations Samson and we’re happy to have helped you find your way back!


Jamie2Jamie showed up at the shelter as a stray possibly after being hit by car. Jamie needed a FHO surgery on his hip along with surgery for a large hematoma on his ear which may have been caused when he was hit. His foster mom did a wonderful job of getting Jamie healed and ready for adoption. We were thrilled when Jamie got adopted in April 2014 to a wonderful family of 3 which included a 21 year old son who keeps Jamie active in the backyard with a daily games of “fetch”. Congratulations to Jamie and his new family!


eyesis2Eyesis (now Peaches) had been suffering a very long time with an eye condition called entropion. It is very painful, as the eyelashes constantly rub against the cornea. Peaches recovered from her surgery, covered by TEARS, and for the first time is able to open her beautiful blue eyes! We were thrilled when her new mom saw her on our newsletter in April 2014 and called us to meet her. She is the perfect mom for Peaches and we couldn’t be happier for both! Congratulations Erin and Peaches!


fluffyFluffy is a sweet, 12 year old Pomeranian, who needed a dental very badly. He was surrendered to the shelter by his owner who could no longer care for him. TEARS stepped in to help give this cutie a makeover in March 2014. In April 2014, he was given a second chance through a rescue group who helped out by pulling this boy out of the shelter and setting him up in a foster home.


clover_hopeClover is a very sweet girl who found herself at the shelter with her kittens. She went into foster care to care for her babies and was put up for adoption once she had done her job. She fell sick at the shelter and her foster parents took her back in. As she continued to deteriorate, they took her to our vet and discovered she was suffering from liver flukes. Very uncommon it cats, but very much treatable, Clover began treatments to kill the flukes. She has waited for almost 3 years to find her forever home. She was finally noticed for her wonderful personality and given a second chance in March 2014! Congratulations to Clover and her new family!


trinaTrina, a sweet 5-year old girl who came into SCAS hoping for a second chance. She had a deformed front foot that had started to ulcerate. With the recommendation of our vet, Trina underwent a leg amputation. She was back to herself in no time and found a new home right before Christmas in December 2013.  Congratulations to Trina and her new family!


isabelle1Isabelle came into the shelter as a stray with an infection in her eyes. Because she lived on the streets with no one to care for her, she developed a virus, possibly an upper respiratory infection. Without treatment the virus can end up settling in the eyes and destroying them, leaving a kitty partially blind or, like in Isabelle’s case, totally blind. Both her eyes had to be removed by that didn’t effect Isabelle’s sweetness or her ability to get around a home just fine. She was showcased at Petco in December 2013 and bonded with one of our young volunteers. It wasn’t long before Isabelle was placed with her new mom! They are amazed every day by her abilities and often forget she doesn’t have sight. Congratulations to her new mom Liam!


jolene11Jolene came to the shelter hungry and pregnant 9 months ago. All her babies were adopted but she waited and waited for a home for herself. A gorgeous girl who needed a patient soul who would give her the time to come out of her shell. The most perfect home was finally found in December 2013 and it didn’t take her long to understand her was in a safe and loving home. She wasted no time getting comfortable and even jumps into her new mom’s lap for a good brushing.  Congratulations to her new mom Lillian and a big “thank you” to her foster mom Deborah for working with her and bringing her out to event after event in hopes of finding the perfect home for her. A lot of hard work but Jolene is now in her forever home!

Big Momma

bigmomma5Big Momma came into the shelter as a stray and immediately captured the staff’s hearts with her sweet personality and soulful eyes. She has hip dysplasia, bony growths on her spine from previous trauma, a bone spur from an old break/fracture in her left ankle and arthritis. Her very patient foster mom put her on a glucosamine supplement for her joints and continued to bring her out to events in hopes of finding her forever home. Another shelter volunteer met Big Momma in December of 2013 and it was love at first sight! She’s in a fabulous home with other dogs to play with and we couldn’t be more happier for her.  Congratulations to her new family and to her foster mom, Marian, for caring for her while her forever home was found!


stormyStormy was returned to the shelter right before the holidays started and so TEARS decided to feature him at the Altamonte Petco in November. He caught the attention of a possible family who were looking but they weren’t quite ready to bring home a dog that day. After taking just one day to think about the adoption, plus reviewing a ton of pictures, Stormy’s new family drove over to Seminole County Animal Services and made him a permanent family member. Congratulations to Stormy and his new family!


axelAxel is a 5 month old boxer mix puppy who was brought into the shelter as a stray. The SCAS team quickly realized there had been some trauma to his rear back lag and called TEARS to help. Our vet team determined he indeed suffer from trauma to his femur and will need to watched to make sure he continues on the path to healing. Upon his first day at our vet, he caught the eye of one of Animal Hospital of Lake Mary’s vet techs and we knew this handsome boy would not be going back to the shelter. Congrats to the Mewhorter Family and Axel!


robbieRobbie is a 2 year old little boy who had been looking for a new home for over a year. He came into the shelter August 2012 and TEARS pulled him to feature him at our Altamonte Petco location. After realizing he needed major medical attention (tape worms, ear mites, UTI, blocked urethra) and had a behavior issues, a special home was needed for Robbie. Robbie is doing great in his new home and is best friends with a Jack Russell and 3 horses. We could not have found a more perfect home for all that Robbie required!  Congrats to Robbie and his new mom Jackie!


shebaSheba was featured by TEARS at the Altamonte Petco in November 2013. Exactly 8 months before this little black dog was surrendered to Seminole County Animal Services. She waited a long time for a new home but that Saturday at Petco was her lucky day. Sometimes it just takes a change of scenery to have someone notice what an awesome dog Sheba was! Congratulations to her and her new mom!

Ellie-Princess-Lori-Hunter-Tiny Tot

gd1gd3gd5gd2Ellie-Princess-Lori-Hunter-Tiny Tot! Four lucky dogs and 1 cute kitten found their forever homes at Great Day in the Country November 2013 out in Oviedo! One of the dogs was a TEARS favorite, Pouter/Katie G/Ellie. that would not have been adoptable had it not been for our awesome supporters and volunteers. This girl with 3 names needed some help after churning out several batches of puppies. Her dangerously saggy exterior didn’t match the sweet and adorable girl within. TEARS fixed her mammary glands and gave her a tummy tuck upon spaying her. We LOVE her new mom and dad who gave her a permanent name of Ellie! We LOVE all the new families that day!  A big congratulations to all the families who took home Ellie, Princess, Lori, Hunter and Tiny Tot!


candy1Candy, a beautiful chocolate point Siamese, came into the shelter pregnant and was put into a foster home right away. Once done with all her hard work with taking care of her babies, her foster mom noticed that Candy’s ability to walk seemed to be deteriorating. We were called to help and our vet, Dr. Delaporte, found her to be depleted of calcium and nutrients. As any good mom knows…having babies and nursing them can take a toll on the body! She received the supplements and vitamins needed to help her and the use if her legs is almost back to normal. Candy’s foster mom felt that Candy had experienced enough trauma for one lifetime and made the decision to keep her with her family.  Congratulations, and “thank you”, to Candy and Pam!


dixie6Dixie came to us unable to use her back legs at all. She was paralyzed from the waist down and dragged herself trying to get around. Dr. Beth Carson and Carly at Animal Hospital of Lake Mary used acupuncture and ITherm treatments to get her up and moving again. She is truly a miracle dog! Dixie was adopted in October 2013 and now spends her days running with all her friends on a horse farm. Her new mom spoils her with car rides and shares her bed with her at night.  A huge “THANK YOU” to Dr. Beth & Carly for believing in and working with Dixie and congratulations to Dixie and to her new family!


gordon1Gordon, an adorable chocolate lab mix, came into the shelter as a stray with a huge mass on the back of one of his front legs. Super sweet with lots of personality, we knew we had to help this 6 year old boy. Thanks to Dr. Beth of Animal Hospital of Lake Mary, he is mass free and in a wonderful new home with a new beginning. His new mom and dad met him at Petco and after two weeks of thinking of him, they went to the shelter with a leash and collar to bring him home. Congratulations to Gordon and his new family!


cleoCleo had the classic symptoms of a thyroid disorder and TEARS was called on to confirm. Since, SCAS cannot pay for lab work, blood was sent to our vet where we were able to confirm thyroid medication was needed for this young girl to live a happy, healthy life. So adorable, and with an expense so minor, her new owners fell in love with her right away. Cleo was adopted in October 2013. Congratulations to her and her new family!

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