Meet the Walkers!


IMG_0232 Hi! My name is Stella and I am a rescue dog. I love to play with all of my toys at the same time and I love my family! Please consider sponsoring me for Ernie’s Walk!


Samantha the dogSamantha is a rescue dog who will be walking in memory of her friend Ernie. She loved when he would visit because she knew she would get some love from him! Please sponsor Samantha in honor of Ernie’s memory.



We brought Chloe home with us five years ago. We found her at the Capital Area Humane Society here in DeWitt, MI. We think she is part pit part pointer. She loves attention and will do absolutely anything for peanut butter and treats. She likes to bully our two cats but the cats seem to win every time. She is definitely part of our family and we love her. Shelter dogs are the Best!


CharlieCharlie is a silly boy, who loves to play with his brothers and sisters. He is also quite the cuddler! He came from Seminole County Animal Services and urges everyone to come adopt from there!



My toy poodle is a rescue from a puppy mill. She is 12 years old and I
love her to death


0902142229c_resized-1 Hi! I’m Max. Im a super friendly Weim who loves to chase squirrels, go lake mudding and hunt down lizards in the bushes. I also really really like napping on my Mum’s bed 🙂 Im a rescue dog and am proud to be walking in honour of our friend Ernie who did so much to help our local homeless shelter pets. I’d really love it if you could sponsor me !! xx


kylee-and-maceyWe rescued Macey from the shelter December, 2013. She will end up “running” this walk – she is so fully of puppy energy.

Luz Elena


Luz Elena is a Technician at Longwood Veterinary Clinic. She has a special fondness for Boston Terriers.

Jason & Bono


Jason is a Technician at Longwood Veterinary Clinic. Bono loves to go on hikes exploring Central Florida with his mom and dad.

Kristy & Tugg


Kristy is a Technician at Longwood Veterinary Clinic and a new mom to Tugg. Tugg is just a baby but learning fast how to be a good pup!

Sarah & Rufus


Sarah is a Technician at Longwood Veterinary Clinic. Rufus allows her to go to work and help other animals in need.



Jess is head Tech at Longwood Veterinary Clinic. Even though she does have 2 little Chihuahuas, she opted to protect everyone’s ears and will keep them home.

Jenny & Tripp


Tripp will not let the fact that he only has 3 legs stop him from helping the kitties of Seminole County. He will be walking and pulling his mom along.

Melinda & Lila


Lila was rescued by Melinda and Is a very sweet girl. She is 8 year
old now and very excited about helping other animals finding their
forever home.

Minnie, Daisy & Sweetie


These girls enjoy trips to the dog park, long walks, lots of treats,tennis balls and sleeping on the couch! Minnie, Daisy & Sweetie are excited to help raise money for the homeless pets that need help and
they are looking forward to the walk!

May & Daisy


May, a LVC tech, and her dog Daisy are Crazy Cat Ladies. Sponsor them today!

Erin, Grissom and Squigga Lee


Erin, Grissom and Squigga Lee are walking in honor of all the kitties that are in need of a home.

Buddy Boy


Rescued with the help of kris. He is goofy, funny and full of life.



Roxy is a fun loving, energetic lovable girl. She loves walking outside, playing with her fur-siblings and playing tug of war with her favorite stuffed animals. She is very affectionate and loves to give kisses!

Paisley & Lola


What these two lack in size, is made up for in their crazy personalities. Some of their favorite things to do are take naps in the sun, chew and play with toys , chase their brothers and sisters around the yard, and of course…. They LOVE treats!



Mia is our beautiful Boston Terrier that came into our lives 7 years
ago. She loves playing with her sister “Miss Babee” a Exotic Persian
and chasing squirrels in our various parks around Seminole County.
Please support us so that we can give back to T.E.A.R.S. for all the
wonderful things they do for our furry friends.



Wowzer is an AmStaff, a rescue from a local shelter where I worked. He is 9 years old, loves everyone and ice cream! We walk the river walk often.

Hi There


Hi There is an 11 year old Greyhound. He enjoys sleeping, breakfast and dinner time, snack time, and the occasional lap around the backyard. He tolerates his dog sibling and doesn’t even mind when his cat siblings pet themselves on him. He loves tomatoes and car rides, and he believes that every animal should have the opportunity to find their home.



Elle, a technician at Longwood Vet Clinic will be walking in honor of Link and Ramses.

Lily Caires


My name is Lily and I am a lovedog. I was adopted and love my family.
I love my soft bed, too. My dream is that one day all animals
everywhere can live a happy life filled with love.

Bella Donna


Bella Donna is an amazing,sweet, lovable 8 year old Australian
Labradoodle that I rehomed 2 years ago. She is a retired mama with a
huge heart and wonderful spirit. She loves to chase squirrels, listen
to sappy love songs, munch on homemade cookies, go to Home Depot and
take long walk and drives. She has become a wonderful roommate and we
share the same hair! 



Frost is a 3 year old Siberian Husky, he loves to give high-fives and play catch!



Wrigley is cute and adorable Schnoodle, he loves to play with his toys and relax on the couch.



Pichu is a 3 year old lovable Peekapoo who loves long walks, cake 🙂 and chasing squirrels and bunnies- he never catches them! He’s well behaved, has a sweet disposition and is loved by our entire family!



Dr. Marrinson will be walking with his cute dog Harper, on behalf of all pet’s parents that bring their babies to Longwood Vet Clinic.



Boca is a 9 year old golden retriever who loves to swim – it is sometimes difficult to get her out of our pool. She is great with our kids and loves to meet new friends! Oh, she also loves a good belly rub! We are proud to honor Ernie’s memory and raise funds for TEARS!



Dixie was adopted from Save a Life Pet Rescue in July of 2014 and has
been a wonderful addition to our family. She is a terrier mix… Part
terrier and part goat, as she eats anything and everything she can get
her paws on. She’s full of energy and sweet as can be.



Isabella is just a lovely! She is a Maltese/yorkie weighing 7 1/2
lbs.She is 2 1/2 and still all puppy!