Dog Trainers/Therapy Specialists

One of the keys to any successful adoption is proper training of a new pet! With rescued pets we don’t always know their past and how they were taught to behave in a home. What may be acceptable in one home, may not be acceptable in another. We work with several trainers and therapists to help keep pets in their new homes.

Before letting frustration get the best of you…reach out to a recommender trainer that can help with working out any issues.

Dogs Unlimited – Positive Dog Training Therese Dickinson 407-788-3647

Hip Dog Canine Hydrotherapy & Fitness Bev & Peter 407-760-1484

Benefits of canine hydrotherapy – increases: strength – endurance – range of motion improves: circulation – muscle tone – balance – coordination decreases: pain – muscle spasms

Bev & Peter have worked with several of the dogs TEARS helps who have undergone hip and knee surgeries. The benefits of water therapy have helped rebuild their muscles and has proven to be a huge benefit to their recovery. TEARS highly recommends Hip Dog for any dog needing extra support for a surgery they are recovering from or an older dog to help improve their circulation and muscle tone.