Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our wonderful cats or kittens.


We have invested a lot of our time, energy and resources to offer healthy kitties for adoption.  The efforts of our off-site adoption center are through the time and care our unpaid volunteers provide.  Without each of these wonderful givers, the work TEARS has been able to do, would not be possible.  TEARS has been able to pull just over 500 cats and kittens from our county shelter and place them into forever homes.


Adoption fees cover the cost of the testing, vetting, microchip and, of course, the spay or neuter.  We believe that the only solution to the pet overpopulation problem is spaying and neutering.  Therefore, we look for families who share this philosophy and spay and neuter their pets.  In addition, as we have an ongoing relationship with our adopting parties, so we look for families with whom we find it easy to work.


All adopters must complete an application; our adoption application helps match you with your new furry family member. Please answer all questions with complete and honest answers- there is no “right” or “wrong” answer.
Note – You only have to complete one application per household, even if you are adopting two cats.


If we receive multiple applications for a cat, we will process them at the same time and choose the best fit for the cat, which may not always be the first application.


All the information on your application will be confirmed.  Since we permit our cats to go home the same day and rental agents, HOA and veterinarians’ offices are usually closed during adoption times, should any information be inaccurate, we will arrange to peacefully pick up the cat and your adoption donation will be considered a tax-deductible donation from you to TEARS.


We reserve the right to refuse adoption to anyone for any reason at any time without having to provide a reason.