This Screening Application is a multi-page document which will be incorporated into and be made part of the Adoption Contract. The questions we ask allow us to determine if your family will be a good match for the cat you are considering. Please answer them with complete honesty. There is no “right” or “wrong” answer – we just need to match the “right” cat with the “right” family. All information on your application will be confirmed.

TEARS permits cats to go home on the day of the adoption but relies on the truthfulness of the answers provided. TEARS will conduct an investigation of the facts relied upon on this Application.

By “signing” (online) and submitting this Application, you authorize TEARS to contact the various agencies and veterinarian offices to confirm the responses you have provided herein and for them to provide TEARS any information pertaining to your residence or pets that you have had in the past or currently still have in your care, whether they are your personal pets or those that you are caring for.

If, upon review of the facts you have provided in your Application, it is deemed that the information you have provided is either false or a cause for concern for TEARS, TEARS will arrange for the peaceful return of the cat(s) and the medical paperwork provided to you upon finalization of the adoption. TEARS may refuse an adoption for any reason without having to state the reason, or may confiscate an animal at any time, if the information given here is deemed incorrect or if the animal is not being cared for properly. TEARS will use all legal remedies available to them to facilitate this return. If legal fees and costs are incurred, you understand that you may be responsible for those payments. The Application becomes the property of TEARS and will not be returned to you.

* Must be 21+ to apply
*Fill out the form thoroughly. Incomplete forms will not be considered.


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Some apartment complexes/landlords require a pet deposit to be paid prior to adopting a pet. You will be required to provide proof of paid deposit within 24 hours (please note that we do verify pet deposits having been paid for the cat(s) you are interested in prior to the cat(s) being able to go to your home.

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